It’s been a while 

I didn’t make it on here at all during the fringe. My Twitter and the Lamphouse website have the lowdown so I shan’t bore you with it all over again!

There’s some exciting news on the horizon! I’m just finishing the first draft of a new piece about the gunpowder plot for Smoke and Mirrors which is a festival that will be happening on….you guessed it, November 5th! It’s in conjunction with Platform 8 which is a new bi-annual platform in Peterborough for the arts. Produced by Jumped Up Theatre for the Battersea Arts Centre it’s a great thing for us and I’m really looking forward to what’s to come!

The piece is a comedy, which is quite new for me – sketchy, silly, horrible histories style. It’s been hard work but I think in the last few days I’ve had a breakthrough! Watch this space for more deets!

London preview 

What a marvellous night. I can’t believe my play has been performed on a stage in London!

I just need to take a moment to thank some people. The gorgeous Francesca and Jordan for working so hard and being insanely talented and making my words sound good. The brilliant Becca for being our preview tech pro. And the genius Tom for being an amazing, patient, wonderful direcor. For putting up with me and taking on and managing such a massive project. These guys have taken an hour and a half of my incessant brain splurge and turned it into something rather fabulous. Ok. Speech over. Soz guys.

This time next week I’ll be ready for Edinburgh. I’m going to be a sweaty, nervous wreck. But I’m going to enjoy it.

Come see us chaps! Keep checking in.

Peterborough preview

Tonight was our Peterborough preview. I know we’ve got a good thing on our hands but I’ve been jittery all day. Nervous. Sitting in a room full of our funders, hoping they’d like it.

The result seemed to be a resounding success, it went down well, which is all we could hope for. What a fab audience- thank you for sharing it with us!

Now I’m excited, London tomorrow (my play is going to be on in London!!) and then to Scotland! I am so insanely excited. I just can’t quite believe this is a real thing.

Thanks so much to tonight’s audience. You’re wonderful! 

Preview week

With Much Ado all packed down, it’s time to concentrate on Generation Zero which, by the freaking way, opens in Edinburgh a week on Friday. Yes. It’s exciting. It’s scary. It almost doesn’t feel real.

I was very lucky to be in rehearsal on Friday and I have to say, I’m so proud. It’s a weird thing, letting go of the the script, edits, cuts, changes, but Jordan and Francesca are just fabulous and I’m so happy that the play is in their hands. I feel really confident in them and I can’t wait to see it!

This Wednesday will be the first preview for an invited audience in Peterborough and then on Thursday we’re off to theatre503 in London.

Generation Zero will be on for the whole Edinburgh fringe at Zoo Southside 2:15pm 

The end 

What can I say?! Well, firstly I have two photos to share with you..first this…

Yep. Sorry. That’s a very happy Hero. I mean..what a way to end a run! Easily the best show yet and what an audience! I thank you all!

I have to show you this….Grace and Tom and Crystal smashed into the back of my car….just for comedy…

Isn’t that beautiful? 

Uh huh. You know it. 

Guys. It’s time to say goodbye. I’ve had a blast…and who knew Hero could be so goddam mouthy?! You’re amazing, thank you so much xxx

Alright three photos!! Xx

Day three – Mums’ night 

Just like ladies day at races, this evening we had Mums’ night. All the mothers (and fathers and brothers) were out in force and it was wonderful!

The rain kindly held off until after the show and it went spectacularly well. I’m so excited that we’re being so well received. 

There’s still two more nights to go, make sure you catch us!

Is that…thunder?

6pm today was a blast. I love nothing more than standing in the park (in multicoloured trousers…see below) watching a thunderstorm soak the stage.

Tonight was the one show we didn’t have a wet weather venue so we had to go on…come rain or…well anything. But after a mild rumble and some sogginess we were ok. It dried out right nice and we had a fab show (naturally). This evening’s audience were small but perfectly formed and it was a joy to perform.

Only three left…roll on tomorrow!

Ps.trousers for reference 

Opening night at the park

What a scorcher. Hottest day of the year and opening night in Central Park. And what a wonderful performance! The audience was just fantastic (thanks to you all) – clearly fuelled by hot weather and the prospect of al fresco Prosecco, you really made our night! 

I don’t have much to say, just thank you and see you tomorrow! 

Night two – Moonhenge

I must share with you two photos, one is this magnificent shot of our venue this evening – the stunning Moonhenge…

It’s always such a privilege to play here – the atmosphere is astounding and the views are beyond gorgeous.

The other picture is this…

…otherwise known as today’s in-car journey refreshments. The stakes are high guys – there were stuffed sweet peppers, cheese and tomato puffs, olives and cream cakes! Sadly I’m not partaking in the car share tomorrow but I am going to be requiring photos of the picnic!

What an evening, another fantastic Friday.

To bed, for tomorrow is long – see you in Oakham! Tickets on the door chaps xx

Opening night

Opening night!! Crowland abbey you are magnificent. What a fabulous setting and a wonderful audience. Everything went beautifully smoothly and it felt like a fabulous show.

Car journey treat stakes are high. Yesterday we had none (looking at you Claire), today Grace arrived with Krispy Kremes (so messy – don’t eat chocolate filled doughnuts and drive kids), so tomorrow I am expecting something superb. A veritable feast of delights including vol a vonts and Black Forest gateau is required! 

Tomorrow we go to Moonhenge, which is probably my favourite place in the world (alright, one of) and I can’t wait!

This evening Tara revealed that taking a course at Central School of Speech and Drama doesn’t guarantee you can remember the basics of acting: 

Claire: when you come to get me Tara, which entrance do use?

Tara: when I come to get you?

Claire: yeah just before the wedding scene

Tara: what? When?

Becky: when I say ‘wake my cousin Beatrice and desire her to rise, and bid her come hither’

Tara:ooh! I’m fetching Beatrice!

Claire: yeah…well now I’m scared

Tara: I guess I never really thought about what I was saying before 

Becky: but where did you think you were going?!

Tara: I dunno…just off 

First rule of acting kids…listen!

Right it’s late and I need my beauty sleep. Lots of love

Tickets still available at or on the door ❤️