A tree, a tree, I’m stuck in a tree!

Unfortunately I failed to get a picture but my favourite moment of this evening came when Paolo accidentally got his banner stuck in the branches of a tree. He definitely found the funny side too. I think.

We did a first half run again tonight. It was a good’un. It’s really starting to gel together now. 

Jonny did some dance….

We’re still not quite sure why or how he fitted this into a Macbeth rehearsal.

Tim did some pointing:

He’s very good at it. 

Luke and Phil spent a lot of time examining the floor:

Nobody move! I dropped my contact lens….

Carl did some good moodying:

And like, I mean really good. He is a properly excellent Macbeth. Really.

Ryan got all emotional: 

“I’d like to thank my Mom..”

And these guys stood in a semi-circle: 

Some really good strong, half-circling work there. There ain’t no parallelograms in this play!

I’ve got some cracking witch photos but I’ve been banned from sharing them for reasons that will become obvious when you come and see the play. You’ll note I said when then, not if. That’s because you are coming.

I’m aware this is a cop out picture blog but I also know you’re all tired of me prattling on. So I’m going now:

Deets as evs:


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