The ingredients of our second half 

Tonight we Second Halfed. All the way through. It was pretty impressive! Emma, our director, even said that she had been pretty depressed about lines on Monday but that today she was far happier. (This is high praise from our leader.)

She also talked a lot about us pulling something out of a bag…. 

We encountered cauldron-gate tonight. We had to ask ourselves is a metaphorical cauldron enough? Emma thought maybe we should have a real one. But others thought not. How does it end? I genuinely don’t know. No, really, I don’t. I guess I’ll find out on Sunday.

We had to practise some swordplay again tonight. young Siward’s death (nearly an emergency when Harvey forgot to breathe) and Macbeth v Macduff (DING DING). Both these scenes are looking great. We only have the masterful Tom Jordan to thank for this. 

We’re basically all fully costumed now so Sunday will be a giggle trying to work out quick changes and seeing what we all look like together. We’re also getting the metal broadswords…ooooooh! Exciting!

I must just leave you with photo of the evening. This is Harvey in full swing:

And so goodnight. Deets as ever:


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