Fake blood, fights and pretty chickens 

We’re only a week away now! Yesterday we did a full dress run in the sun. 

And today we concentrated on fights and sound cues. 

We also had to organise Banquo’s gory locks and spent quite a bit of time covering ourselves in sticky, sugary fake blood. 

Which attracted the flies.

We’re all so excited now. Only a week away and it’s really starting to gel. We ran through the last bit of Act 5 tonight which really is my favourite bit of the play I think. Macbeth’s downfall is just so heartwrenching and Carl does such a stellar job of it. 

We’re also really settling into our witches. Each one of us has a personality and our inhibitions are gone so we can really enjoy the madness. As you know I’m not allowed to show you photos of the witches so have a banquet pic instead: 

We did some great fight work tonight. It’s so great to see everyone really embracing the choreography and enjoying it, I’m so proud. 

I’m aware this blog claims to be about pretty chickens. But it’s not. So there you go.



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