The penultimate, penultimate 

Tonight we had a bash at the final run through before the penultimate dress rehearsal! 

It went really well. There’s some lines we need to brush up on and some fights that need a *bit* of polishing. But man are we proud!

Macbeth is a real epic. I mean, I don’t think I’d ever appreciated just how massive it is. And when you see nine men marching onto stage, swords in holsters, it really starts to hit home. We’ve done a bloody good job.

Tonight we had to rehearse Banquo’s gory locks again. We’ve found a blood-pack solution and all got duly covered in the stuff. It wet well apart from Phil muttering ‘Just smash it on my fucking head’ at me on stage as I battled to burst the thing! 

Jonny and I decided yoga in our offstage time was long overdue tonight and so we had a bit of downward dog time (not as bad as it sounds)

And then Jonny did this:


Then we did some gurning. Because, to be honest, there hasn’t been enough face-pulling in this show. I think I make it 5 chins on my face in this photo: 

And summer and I seem to be mirroring in this one!

To be honest that’s all I’ve got for tonight. We went to the pub post rehearsal and now I feel a bit: 

Off to bed.

We perform next week, so really you should be on this by now. But just in case, deets: 


One thought on “The penultimate, penultimate 

  1. Great post as usual Becky. Sometimes people forget or don’t know how much hard work goes in to something. If you’re all proud then those who go see it should have an amazing time. x

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