Rain does not stop play 

That’s a timely Wimbledon joke there. Because I can do current affairs as well you see. Aha. 

On Monday we dress rehearsed in front a small audience, which was slow and scary. 

Then last night we opened the show, indoors! Ah rain. That ever British warning  that summer (not Lady M Summer, summer as in not-spring) is here. So just as we’d got used to the park it was all change! But it’s great practise for the tour so we don’t really mind. 

And actually it went really well. So you know that’s good! Especially after the dress where two of our cast hit the floor with their faces. 

My crowning moment last night was bursting the blood bag the wrong way. 

That stuff drips.

The word for the day is Gackle (definition – what a witch does when she’s excited – Giggle-Cackle).

And the photo of the week goes to Ryan and Carl (and Tom the photographer): 

Thanks to Thomas Byron photography for these great shots and all the rest we’ll be using over the next few weeks.

We’ll be back in the park tonight (fingers crossed for sunshine) until Saturday and then tour next week.

Don’t miss us!


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