The show must go on…with a few soggy bottoms

I’m very happy to announce that Ryan Blackburn is today’s guest blogger. Back by popular demand! 

So last night felt like a bit of a close shave. The hour before ‘curtain up’ (metaphorical, of course, as curtains are notoriously difficult to hang off trees and bushes), the weather had turned against us with a light drizzle becoming a heavy shower. Thankfully the rain ceased moments before our dramatic opening, and held off for the rest of the performance. 

We may have lost a few possible audience members who chose not to see ‘the Scottish play’ in Scottish imitation weather, but we had a good audience who seemed to engage well. 
Moments before getting into starting positions, the majority of the cast huddled together in the dressing room tents. This created a really strong sense of a ‘team’ ready for the start, which may have helped give us a good strong pace throughout the night.

This team huddling (yes, it’s now a verb) was mirrored by the post performance rush to get changed out of costumes and clear up everything, during which a friendly competition sparked up between the Lords and Ladies tents to see who could drown out the other with some classic sing alongs. I’m biased but I think the Lords may have had the advantage with our rendition of the theme from Dad’s Army (a tune that is always running though my mind when carrying my part of Birnam wood to ‘High Dunsinane’).

And last night was a triumph for one of our props (yes, you did read that right), when an audience member gave an audible gasp /squeal at one of the final props where we see the fate of a certain ambitious Thane. And no…it’s not the worthy of Thane of Ross – he’s a good egg, or so I’ve heard, if a little verbose in his descriptions. 
One final memory from last night was the look on my fellow Thanes’, Lords’ and Ladies’ faces during the banquet scene when we realised our seats had been outside during the pre-show soaking, and had absorbed a fair amount of water. As we sat and became disturbed by our deranged King, we were all fighting the urge to cry out in a suitably dramatic fashion: ‘my lord would you excuse me, I appear to have a soggy bottom’. Don’t worry, we didn’t (not sure our Director would let us live to see the next performance if we did) but we shared our complaint with each other once off stage.
The weather forecasts (note the plural as we check multiple sources) are not predicting rain tonight, so make sure you spend your Friday night in the most appropriate way…outdoors, seeing murder and madness most foul.


One thought on “The show must go on…with a few soggy bottoms

  1. Just as an aside, we did have an audience member give us some feedback on Thursday night’s performance. It went like this:

    “Hi, we’ve just got home having been thoroughly entertained by Mask Theatre’s production of Macbeth.

    Congratulations to all of you for a very atmospheric performance. Excellent acting and interpretation. We really enjoyed it. Great location for it too.

    By the way, if you ever do a Dad’s Army production, your group singing is already spot on!”

    So I guess he agrees with Ryan!!!

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