Macbelfies, Macblues and Macresting

Our run in the park is done. But, unusually, this year, we are going on tour second, so we still have four more shows to go! 

This morning we packed up the park, including Birnam wood…

With only small hangovers and lots of hands it was fairly light work! And now we rest for a few days. The group chat is full of Macpuns and a few mid-run pause blues. Everyone agrees it’s weird to not be performing tonight but I think we’re also all glad for a little break.

I’m happy to announce that, after to a stroke of word-pun genius, I’ve invented the Macbelfie. And have been running around backstage and FOH papping cast and crew on my front facing camera. 

All the fun.

We had a cracker of a final show last night. Everyone was on form and really enjoyed it! There was so much blood though. Having run out of Jill’s homemade batch we opted for shop bought fake blood. Which stains. Apparently. My hands are still red, Phil’s got most of it off his face but his hair is pink and I have a lovely little red go-faster stripe in mine! 

So, a few days to recover and then we’re back. Thanks to all our audiences so far and if you haven’t seen us already – get booking! 


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