The end 

And so we’re done. We’ve taken our final bow. We finished at Moonhenge last night and I think I can honestly say I’ve never been so wet in my whole entire life. It just rained. Constantly. 

We soldiered on though and some of us even camped afterwards. I don’t want to bang on about the amazing show (although it was) or get all mushy about the cast (even though they are lovely) so instead I’m going to share some pictures of the run and then bid you farewell til next time.

Ah the park. Where it all began. When bushes and trees suddenly made sense. And I walked through the sunken garden every night drenched in blood carrying a knife.

Oh this is my favourite picture of the whole play! I’m gonna get this blown up and framed. Look at it! Everything about it is just perfect!

The day the blood backfired in our wet weather venue. Apparently the look on my face when it hit me was a big giveaway that something hadn’t gone to plan! 

The new tour venue, The Waterton Arms in Deeping. What an amazing show that was, and such a good audience. We’ll defitnely be returning.

Same venue. Different hair. The day Banquo channeled Elvis. Amazing. Just amazing. 

This was TDA, another new venue for us. I love this shot – just look at Tom’s fighting face…

And then last night. At the beautiful but very soggy Moonhenge. There’s our tents. Dripping.

What a show, what a fortnight. Thanks to everyone. Onstage. Backstage. Front of house. Audience. Everyone. You made it what it was. And it was pretty bloody brilliant.


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